CLEP Testing

College credit is given for examinations taken through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) if satisfactory scores are achieved. CLEP examinations are based on college level subject material. If you participate in these programs, you must request that the results be forwarded to the m88体育 College Admissions and 记录 Office. You should be aware that CLEP credits may not be accepted as transfer credit at other colleges or universities.

Students desiring to take these tests may obtain information by contacting the Director of the Tutoring and Testing Center at 217-234-5287. The following grid shows the minimum credit granting scores and how credit is granted.

CLEP Test Minimum Score Credit Granted Equivalence
American Government 50 3个小时 POS 160
History of the US I:  Early Colonization 50 3个小时 他155年
History of the US II:  1865 to Present 50 3个小时 他156年
Human Growth and Development 50 3个小时 279
Principles of Microeconomics 50 3个小时 232年生态
Principles of Macroeconomics 50 3个小时 231年生态
Introductory Psychology 50 3个小时 271
Western Civilization I:  Ancient Near East to 1648 50 3个小时 他250年
Western Civilization II:  1648 to present 50 3个小时 HIS 252
Introductory Sociology 50 3个小时 SOC 280
College Algebra 50 3个小时 MAT 130
Chemistry 50 4个小时 要么 CHM 120 or CHM 150
生物学 50 4个小时 生物100
Calculus 50 5个小时 垫241
Introductory Business Law 50 3个小时 BUS 200
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature 50 3个小时 点燃了130年
College Composition 50 3个小时 120年英格
American Literature 50 3个小时 LIT  251
English Literature 50 3个小时 点燃了260年
French Language 50 6个小时 焦距130 & 131
Spanish Language 50 6个小时 焦距140 & 141
Humanities 50 3个小时 150年哼
Social Sciences/History 50 3个小时 Social science elective
Financial Accounting 50 3个小时 汽车151年
Principles of Management 50 3个小时 汽车251年
Principles of Marketing 50 3个小时 BUS 247
Pre-Calculus 50 5个小时 垫140